About Floridia

Company specialized in high profit investments

When we talk about high profit, we tend to think about high risk. We Floridia instead, we combine well the word high profit with diversification. Each investment is first evaluated, including opportunities and risks, and if it matches our criteria then we proceed and allocate a portion of the capital into the projects. The diversification of investments is our security and the security of those who purchase the shares of Floridia Invest

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Security means diversification And planning

In the last 5 years we have designed high-profit real estate investments (between 28 and 35% per annum)

And this thanks to the attention we put into project analysis.

We carefully analyze the territory, the value of the properties and the offers on the market to guarantee the best real estate investment. Always. To date, the properties of the group are different and with different objectives: In Santo Domingo we have built and continue to build ... In the Czech Republic ...

We are ready for all the CHALLENGES.
per tutte le SFIDE.


Our investors say about us

  • Massimo Pelle Dottore Commercialista Biella
    Conosco Floridia ed i suoi fondatori da molti anni e posso garantire per i miei clienti un ottimo servizio, disponibilità e la sicurezza di potersi affidare a chi fa le cose bene. In più i progetti di sviluppo sono entusiasmanti.
    Massimo Pelle
    Studio Dott. Massimo Pelle Biella
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    Brandon Ross
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    Tony Johnson
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